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As the saying goes, "United we stand and divided we fall".

Our mission is to remove the wedge that is dividing friends, families and co-workers. We are determined to remind Americans of who we are as a nation and as a people. A nation of individuals, that recognize that by the sweat of thier own brow comes the rewards of self determination. We as a people have within us the ability to do and achieve anything that we set our minds to.

The American dream means that everyone competes in fair and equal competition, and that those that build the better mouse trap reap all of the riches that our system will allow.

Fight radicalization by the Islamic State, Neo-Nazis, The Alt-Right and Neo-Confederates.

Restore the nation's infrastructure to stimulate the economy.

Restore proven education practices and vocational training programs to build a skilled workforce.

Our Vision

We believe that the American dream can be realized by all.

We believe that the American family is the foundation of our society. Without supporting the American family through lower taxes for families and laws and policies that support family leave and care for elderly parents that the foundation of American society will continue to erode. We seek an America with the strongest support for those that teach, devlop and mentor our youth. We believe in individual excellence and the opportunity for all to grow, develop and compete on a fair playing field regardless of race, religion, national origin, sex or sexaul identification. That each of us realizes that we are responsible for our lot in life and that we are wholly accountable, not others for our position. That individual self determination is the rule and not the exception.

Our goal is to inspire all Americans to support their communities through volunteerism.

The American dream means that anyone can become anything that they choose to be if they work for it and that if you build a better mouse trap that you are entitiled to reap all of the riches that the market will bear.

Support Families

Support Teachers

Support Equality

Support Civic Service

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